Sunday, 15 September 2019

Bubble Car Café Review
Bubble Car Museum & Tea Café
Monday 26th August 2019 15:30

Clover Farm, Main Road, Langrick, Boston PE22 7AW Lincolnshire - England

Gorgeous Hubby, Baby Girl & I

An ice-cream Sundae on a Monday

Gorgeous Hubby: Cappuccino Sundae

Myself: Mint Choc Chip Sundae

Gorgeous hubby and I were invited to a wedding in Norfolk and with a 12 week old baby we thought we'd make it our annual holiday. We borrowed my brother's Motorhome, called Brian, and headed for the North Norfolk area. We had been told of this museum by fellow campers a couple of days previous for cheap camping, and upon our return to hand back Brian we stopped for our final night. My gorgeous hubby very excited.
It was a brilliant blue sky day on a hot Bank Holiday weekend with temperatures reaching 30+ degrees we found a shaded spot to park and wondered in.
We paid the £4pp entry fee and headed inside the museum. Not really knowing what to expect (I don't know what a bubble car is!), my gorgeous hubby excitedly explained all the vehicles. It was really good fun. It homed numerous vehicles from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. They really were fascinating fun items. 
Situated in converted farm buildings it was very informative, and also contained lots of 50s and 60s decor, household items, a garage, a workshop, and lots of memorabilia upon the two floors.
Upon exiting the customary gift shop gorgeous hubby asked "fancy an ice-cream?" One does not decline such an offer when it's so hot outside. An ice-cream seems fitting. 
Now to the café. An open relaxed affair with wooden tables and chairs we ordered at the entrance desk after choosing what we wanted. 
The staff were friendly and the food prompt after being made to order. We did eventually sit outside and enjoyed it even more so.


Caramel sauce at the bottom and chocolate sauce throughout

One scoop of mint choc chip ice-cream

Two scoops of chocolate ice-cream

A wafer

Topped with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles

Chocolate flake

A sundae that didn't disappoint and a decorative creation that didn't last long. However, the small amount of caramel sauce at the bottom, in my opinion, wasn't necessary, that, unfortunately left a sweet taste in my mouth long after I'd finished.

Summary points

* Relaxed atmosphere

* Reasonably priced

* Friendly staff

RATING 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Wanda Camping July 2018

Wanda Diary 14th & 15th July 2018

Saturday 14th July
Last night in The Stumble Inn, Northallerton, North Yorkshire, we booked tomorrow night’s camping in Hazel Brow Farm, Richmond Hazel Brow Farm Visitor Centre - Family Day out in Swaledale. It had parking for a limited amount of campervans on gravel with toilets. Perfect! On a farm too! Much fun!
We stacked up our Campervan, Wanda, with overnight items and set off around midday with a packed lunch. The sun in full bloom in a clear blue sky; it was looking like it was going to a hot afternoon. We weren't actually at this point heading towards the camp site but for somewhere to eat our lunch, still in the direction of Richmond turning down narrow country lanes to find a spot of grass to park upon.
With the deckchairs out we had lunch:
    Tuna and sweetcorn sandwiches
    Cucumber, cheese and pickle sandwiches
    Chocolate biscuit each
It was baking hot outside: long may it continue. Lovely! We sat and enjoy the heat.
We set off for Richmond itself. Upon arriving I noticed what a beautiful historic market town. A delight!
We parked up on the street by the pavement and walked in the direction, down hill, of the train station. A station no longer in use, it housed memorabilia of the station along with the town’s cinema, cafè, bakery, and Richmond’s microbrewery! We browsed along the shelves to which gorgeous hubby chose 4 beers for tonight’s micro-adventure!
We sauntered to the river over the bridge and made our way back up the steep hill in the market town centre in search for a butchers: purchasing 2x chicken breasts, 2x tomato sausages, and 2x lamb and mint sausages for tonight’s BBQ. Yummy!
The town was delightful. But then, all of Yorkshires’ towns are delightful. Albeit being similar, that are scenic historic places to walk around. People were picnicking by the river, kids playing in the river, dog walkers, families playing football, people drinking and socialising, and shoppers. By this time the market itself was thin on the ground with pack-ups starting to go. It had Richmond’s market day. Market days are always busy in these towns. Thriving and bustling for space on the pavements snaking their way from stall to stall of homemade produce.
We did think of getting an ice-cream, but decided we would see what the village of Reeth was like.
We drove along country roads with hills around us going up and down hills and around tight corners; a bit like Postman Pat at the start of his programme. We marvelled at the scenery. It was pure heaven. Patchwork of fields divided by dry stone walls. All different colour green grass and trees.
Reeth was breathtakingly beautiful with a massive green square area surrounded by houses and independent shops in the valley of Swaledale. One of these shops had ice-cream Welcome to Reeth Ice Cream Parlour, Reeth, North Yorkshire, UK. This was a much better spot to enjoy an ice-cream. Just perfect! We purchased a scoop and half each and sat on a bench overlooking the valley we were in.
    Sally:    blackcurrant and liquorice with pecan
    Michael:    black cherry wham wham and banana and mango
Totally weird combinations but were utterly delicious! I highly recommend this ice-cream shop.
We continued onward to our camping spot twisting and turning going up and down steep hills to Low Row in Swaledale. In order to get to the village we had to travel down a very steep hill. It was very scary.
Upon arrival it was a bit confusing as there was no reception as such, and three other tents in a large field. There was a gravel bit mentioned on the website, but it was so tiny. There was no way we could park Wanda on there. So, we parked on the field along one side of the dry stone wall. We were now situated in the bottom of the valley and albeit it being mid afternoon the sun would set over the hills casting its shadow. It was still a glorious day. We would recommend this place for camping. It was quiet and elegantly situated. A couple of hours after arrival someone came to check us in. It was all very relaxed.
Out came our seats and windbreak we enjoyed a lovely cuppa. Delightful! We then got out the tartan picnic blanket, whereby I promptly fell asleep for nearly an hour. Gorgeous hubby lay there quietly. Bliss! It was a really quiet location.
We went for a walk along the river bed before arriving back to BBQ the meal. The sun set down behind the hill, and now it’s getting very chilly. Although still clear blue sky and still in shorts and t-shirt it was slowly getting towards putting away the sunglasses.
The river bed had a little raised walkway meandering along the river, which was delightful to walk along to appreciate the wildlife and soak up the valley atmosphere.
We ate our food happily and relaxed into the evening playing cards.

Sunday 15th July
We awoke to another sunny day and enjoyed our breakfast outside. After which we walked along the river bed again before our drive back home having enjoying another night away in Wanda.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

10k Swim 🏊 Training 1

19th of January 2018 19:40 Whitby train

Dear Blog,

It's Friday night and I'm at work. I haven't written to you for ages now, months even! That's shocking isn't it? Lots to tell you. New Year's Eve was ace, but that's another letter. So, I've signed up for the Great North 10K swim this year in Lake Windermere

I have been psyching myself up for a long time; well, a couple of years, when it was first introduced in 2016. I've done the mile, 2 mile and 5k, as well as the Serpentine 2 mile swim in London. I've been admiring the 10k swimmers and always wanting to better myself: 10K it is!

I reckon this isn't going to be easy. My usual "I can do this" thought process to myself, turn up crapping myself, and yet somehow completing the challenge is not going to work!

I need a training plan.

I have Googled said program and tonnes are listed. It shows a 20 week schedule, which I'm amenable with.

I go to my local baths so trying to fit in swimming between the lane opening times and shift work will be an issue for me. And I need only to concentrate on swimming then it will be ok. No distractions.

Friday, 27 October 2017

It only takes 10 minutes...

OK 26th October 13:00 on board the big train!

Hello Blog,

I'm off to surprise my gorgeous hubby. Isn't that great? I'm super excited. So, how you doing? How's it been going?

I'm reading my monthly magazine. I love it, obviously! I wouldn't purchase it otherwise. I've been noticing now how companies, well being, etc. are promoting "it only takes 10 minutes of your day", "just 10 minutes a day", "set aside 10 minutes", etc. Whilst it good and I do believe in it, but I'm finding everything I do I'm setting aside 10 minutes chunks to do it in! Or there abouts.

My time away from work is built up of the following "10 minutes":
Coffee drinking
Learning a new language

I'm finding I'm having to squeeze in my exercising, cooking, eating & crafting! Even hair cuts! My free time from work is a constant noise of the alarm stating my session has finished. My diary is chokka block with sections of today's achievements, as I like to call them!

I'm counting my calories, as it's the only system that helps me to lose weight 🏋️! I have to schedule time for that to tap the food into the required App on my phone!

Am I taking on too much? Probably. But being a depression sufferer and working shifts I have come to discover that I do like routine. I'm finding these sessions help to clear my head of rubbish and I'm very productive in what I'm doing.

But, sometimes I just have to say bollocks to routine and do stuff spontaneously. Like, going to surprise my hubby! 😉 😁 Some things are too important to miss.

I shall continue with my "10 minute" sessions. But careful not to take on more. There are, after all! So many slots in one day.

I'll leave you for now and continue with reading 📖 my magazine. I have 3 changes for this journey.

I'm sooooooooooooooooooo excited. Ciao for now.

Love 😍 Hugs 🤗 and Sunshine ☀ xx

Thursday, 19 October 2017

First Typewriter

12th October 8am on board choo choo

Dear Blog,

Good morning. How are you? I've seen a gorgeous red morning sunrise 🌅 on way to Saltburn. Just delightful!

It's now Thursday 19th October writing at home on the kitchen table. It's 06:30 am. Gosh, it's been a while since I wrote to you. Busy with work and gorgeous hubby's birthday day. Today, I'm on 8 of 9 shifts...lucky me 😀!

I wanted to tell you about my first typewriter. Well, it was that good I cannot even remember if it was a present or I brought it myself! 😉 😁 I think I brought it. I was a teenager and I know I was really happy about it. It was electronic and it had a screen, so I could see first what I wrote. It looked so professional. It only did the basics but that was enough for me.

I could use it for my homework too!

Anyways, today's letter is short but I wanted to tell you. Nowadays I use notebook 📔 and pen 🖋.

I'd better be off and get to work. Write 📝 soon.

Love 😍 Hugs 🤗 and Sunshine ☀

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Holiday: Lake District: extract

On board the choo choo 🚂 at work 8am 9th Oct

Dear Blog,

How's it going? All's well today. Very tired this morning. Blooming cat had me up at 3 wanting to go outside and then I couldn't get back to sleep...arrrrrrrgh! So, I think coffee is needed today to get me through my shift.

Gorgeous hubby and I had a great holiday in Wanda the other month out to The Lake District.

Wanda: our VW Campervan

Here's an extract from my diary:

Tuesday 26th September

We awoke early and gorgeous hubby made bed tea. A porridge breakfast was called for today due to today's activities. We made our packed lunches and headed for Ravenglass on our bikes, praying that the tide was out.

We headed for the ‘72’ cycle route from along the ‘B’ roads from the farm campsite to get to the water's edge. Phew, the tide was out we were able to cross land and get to the bridge to get into Ravenglass via the estuary.

We brought our tickets for the railway (Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway) and waited for the 10:25 departure. A narrow-gauge railway, called the La’al Ratty, taking us up to the Cumbrian fells to Dalegarth station. Absolutely stunning views! Clouds in the sky with the faint sun peeking through, although a bit chilly. Along the way strategically placed artwork of animals had been put up to view. This was called “The Curious Incident of the Stag and the Trainline”. Ten huge vibrant paintings of eccentric and multi-coloured animal heads by Sarah Taylor. They were heads of: deer 🦌, rabbit 🐰, hare, cow 🐮, sheep 🐑, red squirrel, badger, stag, and two others.

The ride we took was with a steam train travelling the forty minutes winding up the hills with stunning views. Excellent and recommended journey! Along the way Michael spotted a big bird in a tree, which he thought was an Osprey.

We enjoyed a coffee and I brought a chocolate brownie to share.

Then walked on an adventure, initially using the walking tour map to various waterfalls through the marked paths in the forest. Absolutely beautiful! It was very warm so we were able to remove our outer clothing: both down to our t-shirts! In Cumbria too! Amazing! We walked along singular tracks, over wooden bridges, through forests; peaceful and outstanding beauty! We veered along the footpath through gates and over stiles zig-zagging our way up the hill to the rocks on top. Perching ourselves on the top feeling on top of the world we enjoyed our sandwiches with a 360 degree view of The Lake District. At which point the sun shine through the only bit of bus sky making the seating warm and viewing even more enjoyable! Delightful! The surrounding fells were covered in clouds.

Arriving back picking up the advised routes snaking our way to more waterfalls to arrive back at Dalegarth Station.

We drank the rest of our coffee with a piece of fruitcake (homemade butternut squash fruitcake), waiting for the steam train to arrive. The station filled up gradually with people and various dogs; so many breeds!

Toot, toot! We hear the train arrive. The passengers disembarked, then we hopped on, onto the front seat, and waited for the engine to transfer from the rear to the front, where it was manually coupled.

Permission was granted to proceed and back to Ravenglass we headed.

We sat on different sides to get different views on the back down.

Arriving back, we watched the engine go into the turnstile from platform one to three.

We had a quick stop at The Ratty Arms for a beverage or two. A delightful real ale pub alongside the actual Ravenglass Station, and watched a couple of Northern trains come and go.

We cycled along the still out tidal route to Wanda and enjoyed last night’s chicken korma with carrots. Michael had sausage with his and beer. I drank lemonade.

Tonight’s entertainment was watching a DVD: The promised Land. And, then bed.

I need coffee, this is going to be a long day. I cannot wait for it to end. I have two days off from tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to that.  

I'll go now and do some work! Speak soon.
Love, Hugs and Sunshine x

Monday, 2 October 2017

Letter Writing

Thursday 28th September – Dad’s Sitting Room, Cumbria               21:30

Dear Blog,

How are you doing today? I hope you are well? I have decided to write my blog as a letter. I like letters. I have been writing them all of my life.

I have had three Grandparents and two Godparents, of whom I write to regularly (or I did, unfortunately my grandparents are no longer with us). I love receiving letters from the people to write to too! To me, there’s nothing really greater than having a hand written letter come through my letter box. It makes me smileJ! Post isn’t just for birthdays, Easter, or Christmas!
People would often comment that I write in a way that they felt I was actually talking to them face-to-face!
My Granny (Leicester) would enter us (me, brother, sister) into the Leicestershire Chrysanthemum Society for their competitions: handicraft, decorated egg, biscuits, “garden on a plate”, and such like items. I have the prize cards, which Gran sent via the post still in my possession from 1985 and 1986!

It’s really good fun to re-read letters and such items sent through the post, years later; it brings back so many memories. I love it!
Years later, in my twenties, I travelled a lot on my own and mum suggested that I write diaries of my adventures. This was great as I was actively doing something whilst I sat in a café. I would write these up upon my return and sent them to various people via the post. It was great and my writers really looked forward to receiving my diaries. This has carried on throughout my thirties too! In fact, I’ve just written one up now ready to post to people. My gorgeous hubby and I went to the Lake District for a week, ending in visiting friends and family, as I’m originally from Penrith.

And now, I have more people to write to. It’s great! So, in my comfort attempt to make it better my gorgeous hubby and I brought a house with a craft room for me. I have boxes with all my items in and there is one labelled “Letter Writing Sets”. Buying letter sets is very important for me. I prefer to buy in shops rather than on-line. I’ve been doing this since I used to visit my Granny in Leicester. Near to her house in Evington there was a stationery shop and I’d love to visit there. Unfortunately it’s closed nowL, but that doesn’t stop me from going into every shop to look for writing paper. It must have lines. I used to buy those pads with blank paper which had a separate lined paper to put underneath the blank page. I still wrote wonky. So, buying lined paper is a necessary for me now.

I sat down to write my letters a couple of months ago. I wrote four. I posted them on way to work, pleased with myself. It wasn’t until noon, whilst at work, I realized that I hadn’t put any stamps on them…arrrrgh! I felt so stupid. I then had to contact these people and tell them. Thankfully they understood! Phew! That was a relief!

Now, I have an abundance of people to write to. My gorgeous hubby works away. I love writing to him, telling him my news. Letters are personal. I write to my best friend, Sharon, Eventhough we are in contact daily electronically (she lives south and I live north) we can say more to each other. She told me about #BringBackPaper from and I now have pen pals to communicate with. It’s just too exciting! I cannot wait to get started! I write to my parents-in-law too! I write to my uncle in California. They all write back via email, but I prefer to write via post. My mum lives in Italy and we communicate via letter too, although that does take yonks’ to get through!

Sending post can be expensive, but it’s worth every penny! I just have to be careful with what I send. I’m watching my pennies presently!

Until next time,
Love Hugs and Sunshine xx